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This new Thai place is so good! Not the normal thick-sauced curries, this place has fresh unique flavor. The massaman curry and drunken noodles dishes were large and delicious, and the noodles dish even sported a fresh sprig of pepper that I've never had before and will be one of the reasons we'll be going back again! We also tried the egg rolls, and they were light and tasty.

-Rob B.


Thank goodness Saratoga Springs has a new Thai restaurant! We got the drunken noodles, panang curry, and curry dumplings. All of them were so good! The ladies at the front were so sweet, kind, and helpful. We will definitely be back.

-Raquel C.


I was pleasantly surprised with with the quality, portions and overall tastiness of the food here! I've been to some of the countries top Thai joints and I would put this place up against any of them! Don't let the fast/casual atmosphere full you, this top notch Thai food!!

-Ike A.